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Marvel Labs is breathing new life into a discarded resource: wood. We’re creating strong, beautiful, and carbon-negative wood products from wood waste.

Every year, more than 15 billion trees are cut down to build homes, produce paper, build homes, and make furniture. As a result, millions of tons of wood waste are generated annually. While a small portion of this waste is recovered, the majority of remaining sawdust is either burned or sent to landfills.

In the US, 12 million tons wood of wood waste ends up in landfills. We rematerialize sawdust to create sustainable and high-volume wood products. Our strong yet lightweight properties localize supply chains to achieve net-zero CO2e.

Products made by Marvel Labs can be used in a wide variety of applications; from democratized consumer goods to luxury interiors for the automotive and boating industries.

A virtually unlimited amount of colors, textures, weight, and durabilty can be designed directly into the final product. This is especially important in situations where weight is important such as aerospace; or where durability is important such as automotive.