• Jake Miller - CEO

    Visionary, entrepreneur, and industry pioneer; Jake Miller is Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Marvel Labs.

    Marvel Labs ushers in a new era of sustainability by harnessing the earth’s 546 gigatons of biomass and transforming it into stunning products. By combining biology, hardware, and software, we’re creating the tools to build our world. That’s the promise of Marvel Labs.

    Previously, Jake created 8 and 9 figure top-line growth for Fortune 100 and 500 companies through new product development and manufacturing. Jake worked directly with retailers such as Home Depot and Lowe’s as well as e-commerce companies such as Amazon and Wayfair.

    Jake has been named in design and utility patents either granted or pending. He has a bachelors degree in electrical engineering and a masters degree in marketing and export management. He also served on the board of education and renewable energy non-profits.

  • Andy Jeffery - CSO

    Industry veteran, 3D printing pioneer and experienced entrepreneur, Andrew Jeffery, is Chief Sustainability Officer and co-founder of Marvel Labs.

    Marvel Labs makes high-volume additive manufacturing (AM) of end-use biomass in stunning designs that are both affordable and sustainable. The Marvel Labs process applies the speed, precision and quality of binder jetting AM technology to produce strong, lightweight parts created from biomass waste streams. The mission is to develop responsible material value chains that are critical to achieving net-zero carbon emissions and building a sustainable future.

    Previously, Andy was CEO & Co-Founder of Forust, a startup that 3D printed beautiful products from sawdust. Forust was sold to Desktop Metal in 2020. Prior to Forust, Andy was President of Boston Ceramics, a company that specialized in the 3D printing of ceramics for consumer and
    architectural products for interiors, homes and commercial spaces. He was also Director of Ceramic Products at 3D Systems Corporation. In 2011, Andy co-founded and was President of Figulo Corporation, a company that manufactured ceramic products using 3D printing to offer personalized production of 3D printed and glazed ceramics to customers worldwide. Figulo was acquired by 3D Systems in 2013. Earlier in his career, Andy co-founded Specific Surface Corporation, a company that pioneered the technology for making industrial ceramic filters and one of the first licensees of the MIT Three Dimensional Printing.

    He is a member of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers and an allied member of the American Institute of Architects.

  • Dr. Nelson Chepkwony - CSO

    Dr. Nelson Chepkwony is Chief Science Officer of Marvel Labs. He received his Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences from Cornell University and his Ph.D. in Microbiology from Indiana University.

    Nelson has worked as a research scientist and post-doctoral fellow at Université de Montréal in Quebec, Canada. He has researched extensively how bacteria attach to surfaces and form biofilms, with specific focus on the synthesis and properties of bacterial adhesives (holdfast) and their adaptation to different ionic environments (marine vs. freshwater). He has published several research articles on holdfast.

    His research aims, in part, to develop synthetic bioadhesives in order to eliminate biofouling and corrosion and improve adhesive uses on wet surfaces.

    Previously, Dr. Chepkwony
    also worked as a microbiology supervisor at Pathogenia Inc. in Montreal, where he developed and validated analytical methods for testing presence of microbes in food and active pharmaceutical ingredients for compliance with FDA regulations and licensing from Health Canada. Prior to pursuing his graduate studies, he worked as a Lead quality-control chemist and Analytical method development & Validation scientist at PCI Synthesis in Newburyport, Massachusetts.